Pita Wraps


A succulent marinated tower of pure Pork or Chicken sliced and cooked fresh to order on our griddle, oozing the fragrances and flavours of the Mediterranean


Locally sourced Fresh Loin of Pork or Chicken Breast, cut into peices, seasoned with salt and oregano and put onto skewers, and cooked to perfection on our griddle.

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Beefburgers (Bifteki)

Bacon Burger

Halloumi Burger

Fully Loaded Burger

Double Bacon Burger

Double Halloumi Burger

Double Fully Loaded Burger

Our 6oz Steak Mince Beefburgers are made on the premises, using only the freshest ingredients, served still oozing succulent meat juices, with lettuce, red onion and fresh tomato.

Burger Meal Deal

Choose your burger and add chips, fresh Greek salad and a soft Drink for only £5.00 extra

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Meze & Side Dishes

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Meal Deals

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Beverages & Desserts

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